The Bonner Foundation’s Network is made up of participating colleges and universities, local and national non-profit organizations, and a thriving Alumni network.

Collectively, we work towards transforming students, communities, and campuses through service. 

Our network is made up of

College & Universities

The participating colleges and universities that host and support Bonner Programs. See a list of our Campus Partners


Students, the heart of the program, serve 10 hrs/week of community service all the while educating themselves, engaging in, and reflecting on social justice issues and their role within them. 


Individuals of whom dedicate their time and passion to managing, designing, and guiding the Bonner Programs at their schools. Staff also includes those whom are advocates of the Bonner Program on their campuses. 


The vital non-profit organizations, after school programs, grassroots to governmental organizations with whom Bonner students serve their service hours. 


Professors who contribute their time and expertise in engaging Bonner in deep reflection of how their serve impacts themselves and the community around them. 


Non-profit service organizations that have partnered with the Bonner Foundation in an effort to better serve local, national and international communities by providing meaningful service experiences to Bonner students.

Our Network