Colleges and universities supported by the Bonner Foundation are developing a network of local community information and networking hubs through

This effort links the civic engagement mission of higher education with the information, research, and networking needs of community leaders.  The website, email news digest, and issue briefs provide news and analysis that is timely, comprehensive, and neutral.  In addition, local email listservs seek to provide a means for local community leaders to network with others seeking to address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.

The local Bureaus are mobilizing teams of students with support from campus staff and faculty to

  1. maintain a community information hub website with policy news digests, analysis, directory, and local community listserv
  2. link community partner requests for original community-based research and data analysis;
  3. place student interns with organizations to provide capacity-building support, including hosting issue forums, leveraging social media tools, and researching issue briefs.

This range of activities addresses critical information, capacity building, and networking needs of our community partners while expanding the civic engagement activities of participating campuses to address issues of poverty, education, youth development, criminal justice, health, and sustainability.

For more information, please contact Robert Hackett or Erik Snyder